Salt Hawk



Q: Why did you create this site?
A: For an number of reasons. My wife and I were members of the class of 1974. Perhaps I was feeling nostalgic, perhaps I wanted to do something for my graduating class, perhaps I just wanted to give your children a chance to laugh at your senior picture.

Q: No, really. Why did you create this site?
A: Curiosity. I'm curious about what has happened to the class of 1974. Over the years I've been able to connect with a few grads via e-mail and I thought it would be good to take advantage of the Internet and see if I could create a central location where grads could learn about their former classmates.

Q: Where did you get the photos?
A: Many of the1974 vintage pictures are from the 1974 Allagaroo*, other photos are from the school newspaper, my personal collection and submissions from fellow grads. If you have photos you'd like me to put on the web site e-mail me at
*(Note: The High School was contacted for permission to use the Allagaroo photos.)

Q: Where did you get the information?
A: Some of it comes from various sources I've researched, the yearbook, previous reunion publications, others from submissions from fellow grads. If you have corrections, updates, or information to share e-mail me at

Q: Why 1970 to 1974? Wasn't HHS just a three year school?
A: Okay, technically you're right. Our HHS years were really just Sophomore, Junior and Senior but I decided to include the Freshman year as well since high school years are traditionally four years.

Q: Who are you?Photo
A: Dan Skinner.  (Yeah, that's me on the right.) I was a somewhat anonymous member of the class of 1974, so don't worry if you don't remember me. I survived HHS and so far have turned out to be a reasonably happy and reasonably successful human being.

I married Barbara Eibert, also from the class of 1974. We have two daughters, Sarah and Amanda plus two granddaughters, Charlotte and Abigail. After leaving Kansas, we lived in Indiana for 18 years and then moved to San Antonio, Texas in late 2006 where I am currently serving as the President of Texas Public Radio.