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1970 News and Events

CapitolCongress establishes Environmental Protection

Post Office Department becomes an independent agency rather than a federal agency and is renamed the Postal Service

Nixon sends troups into Cambodia

The Beatles break up

Kent State students killed by National Guardsmen

Janis Joplin dies of drug overdose

Pan Am puts first jumbo jet, a Boeing 747 into service, it holds 490 passengers

"Ms." Magazine is founded; feminist Gloria Steinem is the first editor

Lexitron introduces the first word processor

Average teacher salary is $9,047 ($32,638 in 1990)


1971 News and Events

Louis Armstrong

Jazz musician Louis Armstrong dies at age 71

China joins the United Nations

Disney World opens in Orlando, Florida

Major earthquake hits L.A., kills 65

Supreme Court rules in favor of busing to achieve racial balance in schools

Charles Manson found guilty of first degree murder

Nixon imposes 90 day freeze on wages and prices to slow inflation

The Pentagon Papers

Patent for MRI, magnetic resonance imaging, filed by Raymond Damadian

Intel introduces the first microprocessor

"All In The Family," the story of Archie Bunker's family, debuts on TV


1972 News and Events


Nixon wins second term in White House

Nixon becomes first U.S. President to visit China

Nixon orders one year moratorium on school busing

Texas Instruments develops the first pocket calculator

Apollo 16 mission explores the moon

J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director, dies at age 77

Watergate burglary

Munich Olympic Games - Palestinian terrorists attack Israeli athletes

Former president Harry S. Truman dies at age 88

Federal Express is founded by Frederick Smith

Out of concerns for public health, the government bans use of DDT, a common pesticide

U.S. Surgeon General warns of danger to non-smokers from second hand smoke

Ban on cigarette advertising on radio & TV takes effect

Consumer Product Safety Commission established

Average teacher salary is $9,047 ($32,638 in 1990)


1973 News & Events

Watergate Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Watergate Hearings

American troops leave Vietnam

Arab oil embargo sends prices soaring and leaves Americans waiting on gas lines

Gerald R. Ford becomes Vice President when Spiro T. Agnew resigns

Roe vs. Wade: Supreme Court rules that the right privacy protects a woman's decision whether to bear a child. State laws that make abortion a crime are overturned.

CAT Scanner is introduced

Intel markets the 8080 microprocessor

Erica Jong's sexually explicit book "Fear of Flying" is a best seller


1974 News & Events

FordPresident Richard Nixon resigns 

Gerald Ford becomes President

President Ford pardons Nixon; public protests decision

President Ford grants limited amnesty to Vietnam War draft evaders and military deserters

The Arab oil embargo ends

"People" magazine is first published

The first personal computer, the Altair, is developed

A nationwide speed limit of 55 mph is established

Wage & price controls, started in 1971, are discontinued

Congress passes the Privacy Act requiring federal agencies to give individuals any information in their files about them and to correct incorrect records

Physician Henry Heimlich demonstrates the Heimlich maneuver, which will become the standard emergency treatment for choking victims.

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